Training & Development

The sustenance of a business thrives on the progression of its workforce. With this belief, the organizations are investing their resources in comprehensive training and development of their employees. This incessant learning culture enhances their manpower value proposition and improves employee retention. At VBeyond, we possess the expertise and capability to implement efficient training modules fueled by the creative and innovative approach of our consultants.

We believe that the best way of learning is by doing. Hence, we’ve formulated training modules based on business simulations for resolving training issues. Our methodology is focused on a comprehensive approach of understanding client’s requirements and providing customized solutions accordingly. Our team of certified coaches and trainers have delivered training programs to corporate leaders, managers, and executives in many leading organizations. We describe our training modules as a pedagogical process of evolution and skill development with industry knowledge at its core. We focus on training of employees for current jobs and skill development for future roles.

Leveraging the experiences and unique concepts that learners bring to these training sessions helps us in unlocking their potential to the fullest. We adopt a flexible approach based on identification of training needs, bespoke solutions, and assessment of training modules. The process is marked by self-evolution of business leaders through an effective implementation of the best training methodologies.

Some of the training programs we have conducted include:

  1. Goal setting and performance management for managers of a manufacturing company
  2. Effective communication and team management for first time managers of a IT consulting organization.
  3. Sales and Business development for a B2B organization.
  4. Assessment of Leadership style and leadership management for a construction company

Our trainers have held senior positions in industries such as FMCG, Banking, Manufacturing, IT and Engineering and in various functions including sales, training, HR and operations