Contract Staffing

The exceedingly competitive business landscape and volatile markets have fueled the contingent hiring requirements for different sectors. In this regard, contract staffing solutions from VBeyond Corporation help in mitigating these challenges with proven efficiency. Our contract hiring procedures are designed in accordance with the ever-evolving technological landscape. We assist our clients in specialized talent acquisition based on tested methodologies and stringent screening.

The unmatched recruiting process of VBeyond is rationally driven by the principles of quality adherence and ethical practices. Our contract staffing solutions offer scalability to your talent management policies. You can expand or reduce your workforce depending on individual contracts or projects. These services are billed at an hourly rate for the stipulated project deadlines. This simplified work model saves your precious time from being wasted on redundant payroll management tasks.

We adopt a comprehensive approach to contract hiring based on:

  • Online recruitments
  • In-house referral programs
  • Social and business networking
  • Rehiring and internal deployment
  • Hiring through special recruitment groups

We strive to become your trusted hiring partner with our specialized knowledge of verticals, an enormous database of professionals, and inimitable hiring skills directed to meet any impromptu and provisional staffing needs. Our consultants are capable of talent acquisition based on technical abilities and proficiencies. They evaluate a business environment, determine its specific hiring needs, and offer bespoke solutions that suffice these requirements.

Over the years, we have built a robust network for resolving the hiring challenges across the business functions and categories. We take pride in enabling our clients to build a strong pool of talent at optimized costs for filling the gaps in their manpower resources. We explore these hidden gems of job market to enhance the productivity and efficiency of an organization.

  • Innovative headhunting for specific projects without increasing the overheads
  • Finding the best talents and their on-boarding
  • Responsive service model with flexibility and scalability
  • Comprehensive solutions for diversified business and technical functions
  • Induction training and employee development to ensure suitability for varied business tasks