Retail & CPG

The FMCG and Retail segment is growing exponentially with bright prospects and immense potential. With the Government firmly working towards FDI in multiple retail brands the asset value of the retail market is estimated to be 2000 billion dollars in the next ten years. From the local grocer to the hypermarkets, the retail market is represented in every layer of the society. The super markets, shopping malls, the online portals and the hyper markets incorporated in the organized sector employ skilled and unskilled manpower in huge numbers and makes provision for alternate employment such as security, maintenance etc.

Talent Challenges:

The retail sector has been unable to fulfill the huge demand for workforce. The challenges posed to this industry are:

  • Inability to find and recruit the most suitable talents for key areas like retail management, supply chain management, and customer relations
  • High turnover rates of employees and seasonal demand fluctuations in manpower needs
  • Lack of customer-oriented approach in the candidates along with their inability to adjust with irregular working hours and latest technologies

VBeyond’s Position:

Our recruitment consultants have spent a considerable period working in this industry. Hence, we can harness their capabilities with our recruiting strengths.

  • Our exposure, industry experience and our experience with top ranked companies enable us to hand pick the right talent
  • We have an updated database of candidate profiles that aids in finding and recruiting the best talent in the industry