Pharma & Life Science

The 'Pharma & Life Science' segment in India is represented by both Indian & Foreign companies. Currently the income generated by this sector is an estimated $ 13.1 billion and by the end of year 2020, Indian pharma and life sciences industry is anticipated to become a global player. With billions of dollars coming in this sector, indigenous and foreign manufacturing units are exploring the newer avenues of expansion in different market verticals. This progression is accelerated when pharma sector ventured into the unexplored niches like medical tourism, health insurance, healthcare technology, and lots more. This industry is undergoing a transformational growth across the world and is looking forward to streamlining its hiring capacities for improved talent acquisition and development.

Talent Challenges:

Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences is a research-based industry. Hence, it is plagued by unique challenges like:

  • An urgent requirement of skilled manpower for companies investing millions of dollars in R&D processes
  • Requirement of skilled workforce for specializations like healthcare and medications

VBeyond’s Position:

Our team of professional recruiters and consultants is motivated by the challenges posed to these experts. Hence, we possess an edge in recruiting for this industry:

  • VBeyond has employed the methodology of human networking across personnel at different layers in the companies. These personnel have better perception of the sector and also the working of the company. They are also able to give references on the personnel and therefore form a vital part of the recruitment process
  • A dedicated team of recruiters using stringent screening and selection procedures to ensure positive outcomes for the clients
  • Our team of experts focus on extracting the right talent by carrying out stringent selection methods and the usage of referrals to good effect
  • We are presently catering to local and international manpower requirements in the pharma sector