Oil & Gas

The industry spectrum of 'Oil & Gas' has largely contributed to the growth of the global economy. It has also led to a remarkable rise in employment opportunities for specialized skill sets. This industry thrives on professionals having competence to bring their innovative ideas and solutions for anticipated results. The geographical coverage and operational requirements of this sector present better opportunities for candidates having ability to conceptualize, design, manage, and monitor the projects of varying magnitudes. This sector is evolving with an immense growth potential and increasing demands for highly skilled personnel.

Talent Challenges:

In this technology-driven industry, there is a huge requirement for talents having technical expertise and experience. Still, it faces challenges like:

  • Identification of skilled employees who possess specialized knowledge in the domains like offshore rigs & refineries, pipeline engineering, etc
  • An aging workforce leading to talent gaps
  • Managing the huge migrating workforce for ensured productivity

VBeyond’s Position:

Talent acquisition and manpower management are our core competencies. Hence, we offer comprehensive solutions like:

  • We, a team of experts who have in-depth knowledge of the industry use their experience to provide the best of the talent
  • Our research team assesses the trends in the industry and thereby foresees the future requirements in this domain