Engineering & Utility

The heavy and light engineering sectors in our country are being seen as the leading lights of the economy. These segments have a significant impact on the global economy. The modernization of grid technologies has accelerated the growth of energy sector while development of leading economies has propelled the progression of other utility sectors like infrastructure and mining. Several foreign players have therefore either taken the Indian companies to their fold or have some technical collaboration with them.  The latest technological advancements in this sector have led to unforeseen growth in investments offering promising returns. The demand for skilled and unskilled manpower for this industry has also grown manifold in these past years. It is estimated that the investment required in infrastructure alone is one trillion dollars in the next five years.

Talent Challenges:

This industry is extremely research-oriented. As such, it is beset with the challenges like:

  • Changing and upgrading technologies making it hard to find the right skill sets.
  • The aging workforce is aggravating the demands for immediate recruitments.
  • It is hard to find highly skilled technical employees to work on complex projects.
  • Retention of employees is also a growing challenge in this industry.

VBeyond’s Position:

Despite the challenges faced by this industry, it has immense potential for growth of its employees. VBeyond offers its profound experience and recruiting expertise in this regard.

  • We have employed specialists and Industry veterans with experience in different engineering segments to enable us meet the requirements of our clients.
  • Our team of experts uses their experience to foresee the shifting patterns in the domain and help us guide our client in a better way.